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Feb. 4 - Feb. 8

This Week in ERC

Grade 5: notes taken from board on Hindu gods Shiva, Vishnu (Krishna)
* Term Test on week of Monday, Feb. 18
- War of Religions map
- intro to Hinduism/ creation myth(s)
- notes on Hinduism  links
- 2-3 Hindu stories/folktales from link- notes
- notes gods Shiva, Vishnu(Krishna), Ganesha

Grade 6: notes taken from board on Buddhist monks and temples
* Term Test on week of Monday, Feb. 18
- War of Religions map
- intro to Buddhism/ creation myth(s)
- links 2&4: the noble truths and the 8-fold path
- notes on 5 Buddhist folk tales 
- notes on Buddhist temples and monks


 Edmodo: reading comprehension: "Negro Spirituals Resonate"

Tuesday- library tomorrow

Reading Comprehension due tomorrow


1) Math: Metric Conversions 2 stencil

2) Online Math: continue to practice metric conversion

3) Black History: review quilt code links


As we split our hour with an assembly, we corrected most of the metric measurement 2 stencil. Review and revise the remaining questions for tomorrow.


January 21 - January 25

This Week in E/R/C/

Grade 5: Hinduism: "Story Time" link
- reflect with a sentence or two on each story watched or read in class.

Grade 6: Buddhist Folktales (5th link)
-read and discuss folktales. Copy vocabulary & notes from board


Novel: Underground to Canada
- read chapters 13 & 14; discuss events in groups

Tuesday-library tomorrow

Online Math Practice:

Prism p. 113 , 114

Novel: read ch. 15 & 16


Online Math Practice:
Novel: finish reading the novel

Online Math Practice:


Online Math Practice: